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Fitness Time centers are currently located in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and will soon be in other countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

Leejam's facilities provide a modern, clean, and welcoming environment for the community, filled with the latest in fitness technology, highly trained professional staff, and an operating philosophy that exceeds international standards.


To be the people’s favorite and most accessible wellness club


To steer society towards a healthy lifestyle, and encourage people to exercise daily

Fitness center

Our success

Continuing our growing network of operations.

Prior to the launch of our first Fitness Time center, we carried out extensive research to understand the needs,
requirements and expectations of the market. Every single detail of Fitness Time was carefully thought out and
designed to provide the best sports and fitness environment for our members, from our brand's visual identity,
the interior and exterior designs of our fitness centers, the details of the colors, the atmosphere of each
individual facility, the construction materials, and even the temperature of the center itself.
No stone was left un-turned.

This detailed evaluation has since been done before the opening of every new center and it will continue well into the
future as we grow our network of operations. We are steadfast in our commitment that each and every one of our centers
offers the same experience for our valued members.

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More than



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Saudi Brand



Today, Leejam Sports Company operates across seven primary brands mentioned below.

Fitness Time Plus

Fitness Time Plus is the highest class of center from Fitness Time specially designed for High Net Worth individuals.

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Fitness Time

Fitness Time is a business class center.

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Fitness Time Pro

Fitness Time Pro is an economy class center designed for Fitness professionals.

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Fitness Time Ladies Plus

Fitness Time Ladies Plus combines fitness and luxury, specifically designed for people seeking privacy and an outstanding atmosphere..

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Fitness Time Ladies

Amenities, Basket Ball, Sauna, Showers, Swimming pool, Towels, Football

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Fitness Time Ladies Pro

Amenities, Basket Ball, Sauna, Showers, Swimming pool, Football, Group exercise hall

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Fitness Time Ladies Express

Local and convenient, Fitness Time Ladies Xpress offers premium equipment to improve and maintain your fitness levels for great value.

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Fitness Time Express

Fitness Time Express are our best value, accessible fitness centers. Perfect for cardio and strength work, we are proud to have the very latest in fitness equipment, and offer round-the-clock opening for your convenience.

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